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Peace & Clarity

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How can I help you? And who am I?

Sanne Otilia PhilipsonIntuitive bullshit detector & Eliminator who ignites your inner greatness.

Fast and life-lasting results, because you deserve the best ♡

When I permanently (and fast) remove all your inner bullshit, limited beliefs, traumas and fears, your physical imbalances  will either go away or be decreased.

Therefore life will feel much more effortless and joyful.

And when you embrace your true vulnerable self, you will then automatically Master all areas of your life.

I’m Danish and are living in the south of France.

There is not a perfect person or a mystical grand guru behind the scenes here,- I’m just a ordinary person born with a very powerful innate intuition, which I use to help talented woman embrace their vulnerability and their inner Greatness.

I’m a Sensitivity handling expert, inner child expert, regressions-therapy expert and a former black-belt in self-destructive behavior, who at my 7th near death accident (where I ended up in a wheelchair for a while) realized that I was being the person I was raised to be, rather than being the person, I truly were in my heart.

-A extremely sensitive person with great intuitive abilities.

In 2005 I realized that my whole life were one big charade. At that time I was a Lance Corporal in the Danish Army, boxing with the national team, driving the fastest motorcycle on the market and I was also a contender in the television program The Gladiators, where I was almost killed, falling to the bare ground, with my head first. (my 4th near death accident).

At 28 years old I was burned out, sitting in a wheelchair, had post traumatic stress, arthritis, lots of allergies, food intolerance’s, a eating disorder and had just quit my job in the army and said goodbye to my family.

It was either goodbye to my family or saying good bye to life. Something had to change and while being stuck, sitting in the wheelchair I realized that ending my life were not the solution.

I knew I had to be the change, I wanted to see in others.

Since then a decade has past and I’ve studied medium-ship, food/nutrition, body-therapy and I’ve also downloaded many lifetimes of old knowledge. I’ve removed all the traumas from my abusive childhood, the PTSD, the eating disorder all the allergies, intolerance’s, the anxiety etc.

I did this with my own developed inner child & regression-therapy techniques as well as with my own new aura concept. Techniques I developed my self, because nothing on the market could go deep enough or match my extremely sensitive personality as well as my highly intuitive awareness/skills.

I visited more than 100 coaches, therapists, body-therapists, mediums, healers etc and they all just scratched the surface. No one had the skills to “dig deep” so I developed my own system. A very effective in-depth system that brings my clients long-lasting results, because I use all my skills and life-experince, during each session.

The last 10 years I’ve served and given treatments to more than 4.000 sensitive and talented people, who I’ve helped embrace their vulnerability and  inner greatness.

When I have the honor of mentoring my clients and removing their self destructive behavior, the session is also about improving and lifting their relationship, -their health, their financial life, their life-purpose and of course also improving their relationship with their beloved partner and kids.

-more to come ♥

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Testimonials from happy clients:

Aloha Sanne ♥ My husbond and I both felt a lot of clarity and ease after our session with you threw Skype. I truly believe and now know that it is because of your healing and intuitive guidance. You are wonderful Sanne Otilia . The more we learn about what is holding us back the more whole people and souls we can become.

All love to you dear angel Sanne.

Amber Yogainstructor
Amber YogainstructorHawaii

Sanne Otilia you are very very generous – thank you!! You seem so unselfish, loving and caring – giving all these advices and counseling. All of it, are very meaningful to me.

I am grateful for having found you and your website and thank you for the free stuff you keep sending me, after signing your newsletter.

Gitte Keyser
Gitte KeyserA grateful costomer ♥

Thank you gorgeous Angel Sanne Otilia !! Buying this Life-purpose (clarity) session was the
best Christmas-gift I have ever given my self! It gave me so much clarity about my Life-purpose and where to go.

If you want to do something good for your self?

Then I most definitely recommend that you purchase a clarity-session!!

Sanne Otilia has many gifts and talents I don’t regret having a session or buying this product!!

Marie Bruun
Marie BruunBought a Life-Purpose session.


Live a abundant life and have your greatness ignited, when I permanently remove all your inner bullshit:

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My passion is to help you embrace your vulnerability and help you to live a life with:

HEART work – before HARD work ♥


I’ve just returned from a speaking seminar with Sanne Otilia and I must compliment you for being present, authentic and for speaking a comprehensible language, when conveying complex knowledge.

It is easy to become addicted to your amazing stories.

You are a huge inspiration Sanne Otilia, thank you.

No name Seminar attendee

You are both spot on, nailing it and at the same time entertaining and dedicated, when delivering your message.
You convey it so fine the wisdom than can be quite difficult to put into words for most of us. It is liberating, redeeming and upliftingto be in your company.

I really enjoy the mixture of exercises/workshops and the genuine talks you have with the audience, which opens for the opportunity to ask questions.

Anne-Marie KozeluhVoice coach

You have an amazing ability to nail spot on, how we people are and act.

It’s like I was growing during listening to you Sanne Otilia.
YOU make the complicated simple, funny and deliver your speaking with great charisma.

Love your twinkling eyes when teasing and awakening your audience and how you nail it spot un, when you involve the participants.

No NameSeminar attendee

About Sanne Otilia Philipson

Sanne Philipson

Sanne Philipson

Intuitive Mentor, bulsh** detector & elminator who helps you to step into your Greatest Potenial.

I am Sanne and I’m 37 years old and live in Lyngby near Copenhagen.

I am a trained sales assistant, office assistant and have a degree in organisation and strategy, creative problems solution, team building and in physical and anatomy.

I have been almost 10 years in the Danish Army as a Lance Corporal at The Royal Danish Guard and the Kings Artillery.

How can I help you?

I am very passionate about lifting peoples self-awareness and strengthen their self belief and self trust.

When you feel better about being you every relation in you life, will be transformed and lifted, because you are changing positively.

In Denmark our population is about 5.6 millions and 1.6 million of them are single. Since I´m single too and life is all about love for one another and for our self, in a good way, I have e deep deep desire to change this amount of single people. My own single life too hehe, so I´m studying relationship seminars throughout the world, including Anthony Robbins and Matthew Hussey.

I have served more than 3.500 people and even tough I´ve been mentoring them personally and removing their self destructive behavior, every session has also been about improving and lifting their relationship, -health, the financial life, their life-purpose, finding their passions in life and of course also improving their relationship with their beloved kids.

So starting from this October 2015 my new desire and passion is helping and mentoring couples. Not just relationship-mentoring but the “whole package” including you and your partner individually. Which includes improving and strengthening your health, your passion/hobbies, your children and work life too.

Because a healthy relationship or marriage can not be healthy, if each person doesn’t live a passionate and happy life ♥

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